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May 3rd, 2021

Caffeine is one of the most utilized drugs in the world. I personally like one or more large cups of coffee in the morning.

What are the effects of children's caffeine consumption on sleep patterns?

The mg dosage of caffeine ingested directly correlates with reduced hours of sleep which leads to a cranky child and decreased overall function. Look at your child's intake of caffeine and try to keep it less than 50 mg per day.

It takes 5-6 hours to metabolize half of the caffeine after ingestion. Drinking caffeine after 12 PM means that there will still be a fair amount of caffeine in the bloodstream in the evening time affecting sleep.

Here are some examples of caffeine dosages in beverages: - 12 ounces
Energy drinks - 80-160 mg
Soda - 30 - 50 mg
Iced tea - 50 - 90 mg
Coffee - 115 mg or significantly higher

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