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May 17th, 2021

A new podcast is in the works.

My good friend, Paul Smolen, aka DocSmo, author and podcaster for Portable, Practical Pediatrics is hanging it up after 11 years plus. He is graciously handing me the reins and staying in the game enough to keep me from going down the wrong path. Lord knows that I will need the guidance. I am hoping to keep him engaged with me on this journey for a long time. His brilliance will always be welcome.

Over the next 6 months, I am going to try my hand at podcasting and audio recording some of this content for the audiophiles of the crowd.

The thought process will be that I will interview leaders in respective fields of pediatric/preventative medicine as the baseline thorough understanding of a problem. Then transition to the parents and patients to understand the struggles and or successes related to the problem and finally wrap up with a global look at the future of the specific disease/problem.

I have already lined up a few great thought leaders in their respective fields. I will announce the first podcast here in the near future.

My first attempt at being a reasonable interviewer will start with my interview of DocSmo himself.

Stay tuned.

Dr. M

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