Photo by Arvin Chingcuangco on Unsplash

March 18th 2019

When we as Americans think about medicine, we often think about the dysfunctional cost structures of big health systems and insurance oligarchs deciding your fate while making you pay more and more of the share of the cost burden. Medical costs are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States. That is disturbing. Being a reluctant participant in this insanity is often deeply troubling to me and my soul.

Clearly there are others who share these feelings in the world, but one man/MD has decided to parody and expose the insanity in video format.

Dr. Zubin Damania has been working behind the scenes for over a decade sharing his gifts and talents with the world. To get a feel for the content watch the 7 Years video about medicine.Link

He has many other videos and they are excellent.

The reason that I share this information with you is in some ways to address the elephant in the room that is physician burnout. Many of my colleagues are leaving the medical field to pursue other careers that have little or even nothing to do with medical patient care. That is sad to me as most have no love lost for medicine only the broken bureaucracy and money driven leaders. We need more good physicians not less. Unfortunately, these talented individuals are leaving the patient in a time when they are needed the most. The brain drain is not good for patients.

In some ways, my own burnout has been stemmed by writing these newsletters as I have some small hope that these missives have some effect on you so as to change your health span and health quality. This in turn should significantly improve your out of pocket expenses when it comes to healthcare costs.

I truly believe that being healthy is the best way to beat a broken and dysfunctional American medical complex system.

So, laugh it up with Dr. Z Dogg and keep working towards the best version of yourself and your kids. Stay out of the medical system and spend your hard earned money on awesome food and vacations that sooth the mind and spirit.

Dr. M