August 8, 2016

As we head back to school, we need to be conscious of the serious uptick in infections that occurs when our children are in close quarters daily. Come to any pediatric office at the end of July and again a few weeks later and you can witness the dramatic shift in sickness.

Preventing your children from getting sick is the key to staying in school and for parents to stay at work.

Top 5 infectious disease prevention techniques for your family:

1) Most important - 15 second soapy hand wash - including the nails multiple times a day. This is especially necessary after touching any contaminated surface and before eating food. .

2) Eat a balanced diet that contains all of the necessary micronutrients for enhanced immune function. Zinc is critical for gut and immune function. Eat pumpkin seeds and other zinc containing foods frequently. Make sure to get adequate iron and vitamin D. See micronutrient series for details at

3) If you work in a school or healthcare industry, remove your shoes and change clothing before going home or as soon as you enter your house. Many microbes can live on your clothing for hours.

4) Teach your children to sneeze into their bent elbow and cover their mouth and nose to prevent viral transmission. Also tell them to avoid touching their face as this is the direct route of entry for a pathogen.

5) Keep your children home if they have had a fever within the last 24 hours.

Prevention first,

Dr. M