Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

December 7th, 2020

When we think about Alzheimer's Disease, AD, we do not often or really ever think of children. However, I look at all diseases now as the result of a continuum of damage that is preventable or at least delay-able.

That brings me to the excellent work of Aristo Vojdani. He looked at chemicals, food proteins and the immunoreactivity with brain tissue in AD patients. We have seen for many decades now that autoimmunity is triggered by viral, chemical and stress burdens.

In this study they identified mercury and aluminum which are known neuro-toxicants and phthalate chemicals as triggers of neoantigen formation or new proteins that the body can auto react to in the tissue of origin which in this case is the brain. The study is complex but well worth the read.

The data noted that many foods reacted with the A beta protein 42 associated with amyloid fibril plaques which are hallmarks of AD. Gluten, dairy, egg, tuna and lectins/legumes were highly associated with increased antibody responses.

How does one distill this complex information? I think of it this way. These foods are not a problem until we have chemical induced cellular damage that exposes our native cellular machinery to the immune system. If an antibody develops against our tissue, then foods with similar protein structures become disease promoting. This appears to be part of the AD story.

Take home point: Avoid all chemical exposures for your children so that they never develop the beginnings of autoimmune disease.

The more time I spend reading the literature, the more that I am convinced that most diseases are auto reactive in genesis and then lifestyle based degenerations over a long time. Thus, it behooves us to lay a proper groundwork for our children to stay unreactive and healthy.

Dr. M