Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Oct 5th, 2020

Many people have asked me, "what are you doing?" " are you going to take the vaccine?" Etc....

I am 100% trying to avoid anything that over stresses my body.

COVID has allowed me to focus even more acutely on what matters most right now. LIFE!

I am/have/will:

1) sleeping 7 to 9 hours nightly. This is on average a 60 minute increase over my historical norm.

2) exercising with a core group of friends 6 days a week in a micro bubble in an outdoor environment.

We hold each other accountable to be present and active for our best health

3) eating better than ever. Recently finishing a whole 30 trial, I am trying to keep my blood glucose less than 100mg/dl all of the time in an effort to keep my immune system tip top towards a viral killing mode

4) limiting all toxic exposure where possible

5) increased daily meditation and prayer volumes

6) avoiding all large crowds indoors - just don't see the need to challenge the super spreader game

7) avoiding most if not all arguments and trying to keep mental stress to a flatline. Political discussions that are calm and respectful are allowed. If they get heated or dysfunctional, it is time to walk away. My health is worth more than proving a point

8) learning as much as I can about disease avoidance and risk reduction

Will I get the vaccine for SARS2?

What a doozy of a question? The simple answer is No. Not until there is robust data that let's me know that my low risk of death from SARS2 is greater than the risk of a side effect from a rushed vaccine.

I get the flu shot every year and have since the early 1990's. This is a known entity with massively robust safety data that leaves me comfortable with the decision. Getting the SARS2 vaccine will be a 180 degree turn in another direction as safety data is likely to be marginal at best for some time. My calculus would absolutely change if I was over 65, had a co-morbid disease, and took poor care of myself. Alas, those are all negatives.

These decisions cannot be made in a vacuum. Each one of us must weigh the risks and rewards of any choice. If I contract SARS2, assuming that I have not already, and expire, then that is a very low risk choice made and lost. I am 100% comfortable with the odds of my decision after doing everything within my power to mitigate risk while achieving health along the process. My decision is mine alone. Each one of us has to be an N of one.

Life is all about choices,
Dr. M