Image by TimKvonEnd from Pixabay


 Septemeber 28th, 2020

Covid Isolation has had a nasty side effect of weight gain and excessive screen time. Over the past 6 months, we have been asking parents and children how much screen time they were and are allowing and or getting. The answer was a disturbing 6-8 hours a day, before remote schooling began and more since. This is a mix of on demand streaming movies/videos and video gaming as well as instagram/tiktok/ snapchat and more. My own experience with the schooling situation is sad. My children are being asked to watch videos all day with minimal to no interaction with the teachers.

Coupled with this screen time, we are seeing some massive weight increases. 10 to 40 pounds in this 6 month time frame!!!

The reality that children are not leaving the house to play with other children, educate in person and run around is taking its toll metabolically, mentally and immunologically. The default pathway of television, remote learning and video game viewing over play and hands on education must stop in order to stem this negative tide. Hopefully, in person schooling and outdoor play will return soon and hasten a period of recovery.

In the meantime, try your best to get your kids moving, limit non essential screen access and avoid the processed foods that drive metabolic dysfunction.

Dr. M