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April 27th, 2020

Flattening the curve has occurred effectively in most parts of the United States. That is a good thing because we still have serious supply chain issues with protective gear for healthcare workers. I have friends that work for companies that produce the PPE materials and the stories that I am hearing as to the why are frustrating and a clear sign that the supply chain needs to be United States based form here on out. That being said, where do we go from here? We have discussed this on and off over the last few weeks. However, the issue that is arising heavily right now is the economic damage that is occurring to the most vulnerable Americans.

Poverty is the number one risk factor for negative health outcomes year over year and we are slipping in that direction rapidly.

The reality that keeping the country hunkered down for a prolonged period of time is fraught with peril on the poverty spectrum and thus the health spectrum. Children are not being significantly affected by the virus, however, they will suffer mightily if poverty grows exponentially. This is phase two of how we must see this pandemic despite the frustrating reality that as we loosen restrictions more individuals will get exposed and some volume will die.

Dr. David Katz is a brilliant thinker and he has provided us with some of the most logical and forward thinking non emotional plans for the future. His discussion is non partisan and science centric which is exactly what we need.

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