September 27th, 2021

Coronavirus Update 45

The 4th wave appears over in North Carolina.

If you have had 2 doses of an mRNA vaccine, you have a very very small risk of a significant hospitalization and almost no chance of death from the Delta variant based on statistics overall.

Being Unvaccinated now is the greatest risk factor for a negative outcome. Advancing age and co morbid disease add layers of risk on top of the vaccination status

Latest numbers google/CDC

We are continuing to see that the lambda, gamma and mu variants are not an issue yet and likely will not be in the United States as delta is still outcompeting them.

As it stands today, the United States has had 43 million known cases and almost 688,000 deaths. Hopefully, we will slow down with the case volume dropping again.

If you did not read the newsletter about an Integrative approach to health in the COVID era, read this link and this link.

As with the first newsletter on this topic, keep solace with the fact that there is a 99+% chance of survival for all of us regardless of vaccination. However,
mathematically, you now have a 99.9998% chance of survival once vaccinated and the vaccine safety for the mRNA vaccines continues to look good.

Why take on that extra risk?