October 9, 2017


if you remember the newsletter on individuals a few months back, I was discussing the importance of the individual when educating teenagers and young children. No one is inherently good or bad, nor does their religious preference, skin color, sex or other potentially stereotyping characteristic define them or a group that they are associated with.


Each person is understood on the merits of their actions. These action events also define that person's nature for a period of time until their course is changed for good or bad. I think that it is critical in this polarized world that we train our youth to avoid broad conclusions for groups of people and focus mightily on the individual.


That being said, my wife shared a most moving speech with me that I would encourage every reader to watch with their child or grandchild. This speech is top shelf and will go into my archives of greatness.


Rick Rigsby's commencement speech. Link

Great notes:

1) Stand and be a man. Not a black man, not a brown man not a white man, but a man.
2) I do not have a problem if you aim high and miss, but I will have a real issue if you aim low and hit.
3) Simple lessons - you would rather be an hour early than a minute late.
4) You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence ought to be a habit and not an act.
5) Make sure that your servants towel is bigger than your ego. Ego is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity.
6) When you are struggling, rock bottom can be a great foundation to stand on.
7) Son, just stand. You keep standing. No matter how rough the sea, you keep standing.


Your actions are defining. How are you living? Everyday ask yourself, how are you living?


His father's suggestions:

Do not judge
Be kind
Show up early
Make sure that that servants towel is huge and used
If you are going to do something, do it the right way
It is never wrong to do the right thing



Dr. M

Rick Rigsby Speech