Image by _Alicja_ from Pixabay

April 24th, 2020

For Children:

Poisonings are on the rise because of excessive exposure to unprotected sanitizers and cleaners. With the increase in hand sanitizer use this year, the United States has seen a massive 36% increase in sanitizer poisoning ingestions and 12% from cleaners. (Time Magazine Article) These are preventable issues that bring us back to the reality that everything is not COVID and there are serious consequences to our behavior. Please keep sanitizers and cleaning products locked up or put up and away from young children who do not know the difference between a chemical and a beverage.

DocSmo has a nice podcast on his site worth listening to - link. Unexpected benefits of the quarantine.

These are great:

1) Hand washing video that is excellent! I highly, highly recommend that all children watch this video. Link This is a valuable lesson to be learned for life.

2) Peter Attia and His daughter discuss COVID. Worth the listen for children. Link.

Dr. M