March 22nd, 2022

The speed of delivery is very important to how much of the survival switch pathway gets activated.

In an excellent research paper in the Journal Cell Metabolism, Dr. Jang and colleagues found that when an animal consumes fructose as food, i.e. fruit in moderate volumes, the vast majority of the fructose molecule is metabolized in the small intestine leading to the production of glucose and organic acids which enter the circulation heading to the liver. (Jang et. al. 2018)

This is important because we now know from Dr. Johnsons's research that excess fructose delivery to the liver is a major trigger of the survival pathway and metabolic syndrome events.

Food with fiber and moderate fructose volume has ample time to be digested to glucose and organic acids reducing the survival switch activation.

Contrast this with a fructose laden beverage which hits the intestinal wall rapidly, is minimally processed in the small intestine and thereby shows up in high volume in the liver triggering hunger, fat deposition in the liver and elevated blood pressures, aka survival mechanisms. Thus, we keep seeing the nuances of how we have hijacked our genetic survival mechanisms by over consuming and over processing natures best foods. Fiber remains key. Eat all foods in their purest form for your best health.

Take home: avoid all beverages with high fructose corn syrup, plain fructose or the disaccharide table sugar in them.

Dr. M

Jang Cell Metabolism