September 6th, 2021

 The human body is an extremely dynamic machine processing and changing cellular metabolism real time millions of times a day based on need. We have incredible systems of redundancy in place to handle acute shifts in our perceived and real environment. This was evolutionarily necessary as food sources, temperature variations and general living conditions historically were in constant flux.

Today, we live in a world where we attempt to keep everything static for comfort. For example, 70 degrees F as an indoor temperature was not possible until the recent past.

Eating meat or the same fruit daily was not possible. Staying up all night with strong lights was not normal. All of these attempts to normalize a new way of living are counter to our evolutionary biases and genetic makeup.

Let us look at breastfeeding/milk. We have normalized formula as a perfect food source for newborns despite the obvious fact that it is not so. Breast milk has the perfect fat/protein/carbohydrate makeup that is specifically geared for a human newborn. Formula is based on a baby calf's milk needs and thus is not ideal for a human just as an adult cow eats grass all day long where a human does not.

Human milk changes over time to meet the nutritional and immunological needs of the child throughout the first few years of life. The dynamic nature of human milk is critical to the success of our species as we evolved to be consuming this natural product as opposed to a baby calf's milk source.

Think about Dr. Huberman's work from a few weeks ago. Being outside and looking at the horizon is very beneficial to visual activation and stress reduction. Historically, we completed a long distance gaze multiple times a day. Now, we live in a close focus computer centric world that is stressing us.

We, as discussed in previous newsletters, are specifically geared to live in a constant environmental shift not euthermic or eu-- anything, Change is good and we should work towards this reality.

Dr. M