Image by Penstones from Pixabay

January 4th, 2021

What are the risks if we do not tend to our garden in appropriate ways?If we submit that the microbiome is necessary for quality human health, then what are the break points for causing dysfunction? As you would expect, the break points are all associated with lifestyle decisions that are anti-natural.

1) Vaginal deliveries are better for the child’s microbial development than C-sections
2) Breast feeding is the best choice for new moms that are capable of nursing. Formula is associated with a vastly different microbial makeup.

Breastmilk has 8% human derived natural sugars specifically made for the intestinal microbes to thrive on. Formula will never be a complete 1:1 replacement of human milk, but it is very important when breastmilk is unavailable
3) Living with animals like dogs and cats or on a farm is beneficial for human microbiome development
4) The use and or over use of antibiotics and antacid medicines is a net strong negative on our inner garden of beneficial microbes
5) The standard American diet is woefully deficient in fiber and micronutrients that are necessary to support a healthy gut. We get into greater detail of the dietary needs in another newsletter
6) Ingested chemicals in any form from pesticides and agrochemicals to plastics are damaging for our gut microbiome. AVOID THEM
7) Fake sugars like aspartame and saccharine have been shown to damage the microbiome. Do not consume them
8) Chronic mental stress will negatively affect your biome
9) Sedentary behavior is a net negative to microbial growth and is associated with a poor microbial biodiversity

Reversing what is reversible is a good first step toward a healthier biome and general good health,


Dr. M