Novemeber 18th, 2019

Our very own Mark Allison has just published a new book related to diabetes.

Dr. M

In Let's Be Smart About Diabetes, Chef Mark William Allison shares the family recipes and nutrition knowledge that have kept his type 1 diabetic son active and healthy throughout his life. For anyone with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, Let's Be Smart About Diabetes will show you how to: *Regulate your blood sugar by taking the guesswork out of eating and preparing the foods you enjoy*Prepare over 150 delicious, nourishing, easy-to-make recipes *Shop for food and eat out *Gain control over diabetes permanently, giving you energy and a new lease on life. Let's Be Smart About Diabetes brings together recipes tested by people with diabetes, knowledge about the disease and nutrition information that make the book a comprehensive tool to help you and your family control diabetes and live a healthy, active life.

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