Image by Daniela Dimitrova from Pixabay

October 31st, 2022

As we watch our children grow and begin to find passion and joy, this is the key time to find what a child's strengths are and help by encouraging that which they love and are good at. Passion and ability can be an amazing combination towards a goal that builds self esteem and a path towards success.

Often being good at a few things can be as important or even more so for many than being great at one thing. I don't think that anyone will ever argue that someone that is the best at one thing is not the peak, but those humans are much more rare than the other group.

As parents, it remains our responsibility to provide discipline of work but not a push toward what makes us happy. I, for example, can fall on my sword for sports as I played the sports that I liked which may have guided my kids unfairly toward soccer and running. I definitely did not encourage the sports that I found boring. My younger self had a lot to learn.

Provide lots of love and help them learn the discipline of hard work.


Dr. M