May 31st, 2021
Elimination II: Sweating

Sweating is another very important tool that the body uses to eliminate unwanted stuff. In this case, the body primarily is eliminating heat and toxins via liquid sweat. When we exercise vigorously or it is a hot day or we find ourselves overheating while fighting an infection, sweat will pour from our skin through glands and an endothermic reaction. The water that is released caries heat from the body with it. It evaporates into the air liberating the heat and thus cooling the body. In this sweated liquid are electrolytes and toxins. Primarily the sweat fluid has a natural release of small amounts of sodium and to an even lesser extent, potassium and calcium.

Chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins that are released through sweat provide a major relief for the liver, kidneys and cellular detox mechanisms. These organs can get a much needed rest from the constant work related to detoxification from the toxic world that we reside in.
It is clear that sweating is a necessary tool for human cellular protection through the removal of excess heat and toxic burdens.

The act of sweating when hot also turns on a cassette of genes called heat shock proteins, HSP, that are associated with longevity. These proteins are actually produced in response to all kinds of stressors making them a class of stress response proteins that are upregulated transcriptionally in most cells in the body. They have a primary function of helping to repair damaged proteins and cells by refolding them in to functional shapes. This refolding event reestablishes the cells function and is the primary reason it improves longevity.

Bottom line: Sweating is an elimination event that the body needs routinely to perform at peak ability. Get out and exercise in the heat, go to a sauna and generally stress your body for it's growth.


Dr. M

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