Fear setting is a principled way of battling and over coming one's fears that the influential podcast specialist Tim Ferris uses quarterly. It is rooted in the philosophy of Stoicism. There is a nice description of the method and a link to his TED talk at this link.

It is less than 15 minutes long and worthy of your time.

Some Americans fear often and this can paralyze them from performing tasks or moving forward. Children by nature are usually fearless until we provide them with things to fear. This can be very counter productive if a parent makes a child truly fear based.

Sitting with your child and working through their fears is a phenomenal way to help your child achieve a more fulfilled life. I am a huge fan of "Just do it". As Jamie Foxx is quoted as saying, "What is on the other side of fear? NOTHING". Help your kids explore this world as much as possible. Fly, jump, read, hike, swim, love and learn everything that you can before you turn back to dust. You have one shot at this. Live it loud and free.

Carpe Diem,

Dr. M