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December 9th, 2019

How do we change when making a conscious significant decision is difficult?

The answer really lies in what works for you.

Developing a habit maybe the inflection point for meaningful change. Think about the New Year's Resolution that many people try yearly. They hit the gym or change up their eating plan aggressively only to fade away from the behavior because of the difficulty in maintaining such a draconian change.

How about changing slowly through habit forming behaviors? For example, for me, writing takes effort. When I first started this newsletter 9 years ago, the passages were short pithy little statements that took very little time to compose. I was not overwhelmed with the task so I pushed on. They did, however, come out weekly and on time. As time passed the process became a habit that I felt the need to perform. The writing process became easier and the desire to write more detail and tackle tougher topics filled me.

I think that this is the primer for anything. Do you want to become a runner? Start today. Run 1/4 of a mile. Every other day run a little farther. Not much but definitely farther. Don't miss the run unless you are truly ill. Within a few months, you will likely be running 1-2 miles every other day. You are now a runner!

Habits are the key to change.

Dr. M