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We, the providers of Salisbury Pediatric Associates, strongly believe in the proven safety and efficacy of childhood vaccines.  We fully support the much-studied schedule of childhood immunizations recommended by the CDC, ACIP, as well as numerous other organizations.  The medical risks of a large, unprotected community puts the entire population at risk for rare but serious complications of a vaccine preventable disease.  We understand the hesitancy that some parents may have with the recommended schedule and, for this reason, will continue to offer an alternative vaccine schedule, while also realizing that the safety nor efficacy of this schedule has been well studied.  With the safety of our younger patients that have not begun or have not fully completed their vaccines, as well as those that cannot receive vaccines for documented and acceptable medical reasons, we will no longer accept new patients who will not adhere to one of the afore-mentioned vaccine schedules.

For established patients that have not fully vaccinated their children, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with our office as soon as possible.  If you are unwilling to follow one of the afore-mentioned vaccine schedules or refuse to vaccinate, your family will have to find alternative healthcare providers.  Children who have an acceptable medical reason for not vaccinating will remain a part of our health community.  We understand that this position will be frustrating for many current Salisbury Pediatrics patients and parents, however, we have to take the best interests of the weakest and most vulnerable children into account.

With great respect for all of the children that we serve,

The Providers of Salisbury Pediatric Associates.


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