May 4th, 2020

When I decide to try and understand a topic as complex as human immunity, I need to see the pathways in order to understand it all. Above, I present the latest analysis of immunity and lifestyle choices as it relates to COVID. You are welcome to copy this picture and study for yourself.

The highlights are as follows. In order to have a good host response to the virus,

we want a robust T Helper cell type 1(TH1) and Natural Killer cell (NK cell) response in the beginning stages of the infection and a natural resolution of inflammation after the pathogen is dead. In the center of the picture in green are the words NK cell and TH1 with purple letters pathogen killing right next door. This is the point at which we will struggle with COVID if we are not prepared.

If you follow the arrows backwards to find the negative influencers of this activity, you find:

1) Excessive glucose/overeating - this is where diabetes and obesity come to the forefront of disease risk
2) Hypoxia or low levels of systemic oxygen - again here we see obesity with sleep apnea and inflammation based tissue hypoxia
3) Mental stress - increased inflammation, decreased thyroid activity, decreased gut motility via increased fight or flight sympathetic tone that drives intestinal dysbiosis over time that loops to more inflammation
4) Pollution or PM 2.5 induces inflammation and a shift of immunity towards TH2 and away from TH1. Loops back to #2 as hypoxia occurs at the inflammation sites of air pollution in the lungs
5) Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC's) polarize the immune system toward TH2 and away from TH1/NK cell
6) Sleep deprivation causes physical and mental stress inducing inflammation and looping with #3
7) Food allergies or food sensitivities caused by chronic dysbiosis and a leaky intestinal epithelium can increase inflammation every time one consumes a trigger food
8) Nutritional deficient diets reduced in vitamins A, B9, D and zinc can change the TH polarity and function promoting the wrong outcome
9) High saturated fat diets and high salt diets are TH17 polarizing which can diminish TH1 and Treg activity

Therefore, reversing all of these negatives will flip the TH1 and NK cell script towards effective pathogen surveillance and killing, i.e. controlling SARS2/COVID disease risk.

1) Fast more often and avoid excessive eating. Avoid refined and processed foods that are loaded with sugar and saturated fats
2) Treat sleep apnea if it exists and address any low oxygen issues with your provider
3) Meditiate, relax, pray and live in peace
4) Avoid all chemicals - aim for clean water, air and food
5) Sleep 8 hours nightly
6) Avoid trigger foods - if you are unaware of your triggers (if you have any), seek out a functional/integrative provider to help identify them
7) Eat a rich diet of whole foods loaded with vitamins and minerals and supplement as needed with targeted minerals and vitamins
8) Move often to increase GLUT4 transporters and to decrease post eating glucose levels and insulin spikes

Preparation is the key to any successful outcome,

Dr. M