February 1st, 2021

Dr. Peter Attia is one of the best data analyzers and seekers of truth. In his most recent post, he noted the truth behind the COVID vitamin D question. He states:

"The risk of infection depending on vitamin D levels is hard to determine. It may not prevent you from getting disease. The risk of COVID-19 severity and vitamin D levels is also not so clear cut. The published literature suggests that sufficient vitamin D status is either really beneficial, beneficial, or inconsequential. It is likely beneficial for decreased risk of severity, given what we know about immune system health and function.

More concretely, there is virtually no risk to supplementing, say, 5,000 IU/day. But I would add, assume and act as if vitamin D doesn’t significantly reduce the incidence or severity of COVID-19 (but cross your fingers and hope it does). "

I would say this. Vitamin D is a major player in proper immune function and should be a priority for all to either supplement all year long or preferably during the winter when sun availability for de novo vitamin D skin synthesis is hampered.

I am now recommending that all children take omega 3 fatty acids as fish oil daily after 12 months of age. All children should take 400iu of vitamin D from birth to 1 year of age and then increasing doses based on age thereafter.

I have only seen 2 children get to a toxic blood level. This occurred in both cases because of significant over supplementation.

Dr. M


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