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June 27th, 2022

Starchy Vegetables are better than we thought according to a new study from Frontiers in Nutrition. This study came to the conclusion:
As expected, most vegetables (starchy and not), legumes and fruit were assigned to higher-quality carbohydrates by the 4 CQI models and by CFQS-4. Starchy vegetables tend to be high in both potassium and fiber and low in free sugars and sodium. Based on the present results, it may be time to place starchy vegetables among the higher-quality CFs.

This is not a surprise to me when the food is analyzed in its whole non processed form. Starchy vegetables like potatoes, yuca, squash, turnips and corn are fine when consumed as part of a whole meal plan. If you eat a bowl of mashed potatoes or french fries without any protein or fat it will spike your insulin and over time is not great. The form of the starch combined with the accompanying foods makes a massive difference in glycemic response and immune hormonal reaction.

For example, instant and mashed potatoes turn to sugar in the system faster than a boiled or baked potato when consumed alone. French fries have a lower glycemic response because of the fat that is in the fry after cooking. Waxy potatoes are less glucose spiking than flowery russet style. Lots of nuance here.

For me the key is simple: 1) eat starchy vegetables as close to their whole form as possible 2) in moderation 3) with other foods like lean protein and good fats (avocado or olive oil)

Dr. M


Drewnowski Frontiers in Nutrition