Strawberries are delicious. I love them any day of the week. The good news is that they are a powerhouse of goodies for our cells.

Strawberries are loaded with vitamin C and polyphenolic compounds like flavanols, phenolic acid and tannins. These compounds are all used by our cells to control oxidation reactions and inflammation.

Berries as a class are known to help prevent cardiovascular disease through many mechanisms including anti oxidation, anti inflammation and up regulation of coronary artery vasodilating nitric oxide enzymes.

Strawberries also have a lot of manganese which is a trace mineral involved in many metabolic function including sugar and fat metabolism.

The fiber content is excellent making strawberries a slowly digesting carbohydrate and a great food source for your intestinal microbial bacteria.

The "good" bacteria feed on the fibrous seeds on the outside of the strawberry and produce all kinds of goodies for our gu

t cells including short chain fatty a

cids and mucous.

Remembering that as a culture we do not consume much fiber, this is

a great way to add fiber to your child's diet. Instead of goldfish flour garbage, add sliced strawberries to any meal to slow digestion and feed your gut.

Finally, strawberries concentrate pesticide in their flesh and are one the of the dirty dozen foods that we should by organic.

Strawberries rock,

Dr. M

Study on Strawberries and CVD