Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay


 June 22ud, 2020

I have spoken to many individuals that believe that they had a strange COVID like viral illness this winter. Most have told me that they have tested negative for the SARS2 virus. I had a similar experience back in March after a trip out west to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. My illness lasted 8 days and waxed and waned with the strangest cough that I have ever had. I had the classic lack of nasal congestion that COVID patient's experience.

The illness paused most symptoms for a few days before returning with a vengeance on day 6 with fever, shaking chills and severe fatigue.
As with most illnesses, sleep, hydration, nourishment and time won the day. It took me a further 3 weeks to return to physical normalcy. What does it all mean? I do not know. I was convinced that I had COVID. Testing said otherwise. Is there another circulating virus with similar phenotypic symptoms? Is the testing that faulty? There are too many individuals with Covid like disease who test negative for me to think that this is a one off. There is a fair amount of smoke here so I think that there is some fire hidden. I will wait to see how the future plays out and will hold my opinion until further data and events play out.

Dr. M