It is time for a series of essays on food types. We are going to look at the health information for many of the major foods that we consume.

Broccoli is number one on my list. There are a million reasons why we should regularly consume broccoli from the cruciferous or brassica vegetable family. Broccoli is a green plant that grows in a stalk that is topped with small green leaves and resembles a tree. When I was a young child, I called them trees and loved to eat them with butter.

Broccoli is known to be extremely beneficial because of its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains an enzyme called myrosinase that produces a chemical in the broccoli called sulfurophane. This compound is very important as it has the ability to down regulate the inflammatory signaling pathway of Nfkb which is critical in up regulating the entire cascade of inflammatory cells.

In the cancer realm, it effects the wnt/beta catenin renewal pathway that reduces cancer cell volume. It also can inhibit the enzyme HDAC or histone deacetylase which is involved in cancer cell progression. HDAC inhibition is really heating up in the cancer research world.

Broccoli is full of sulfur based amino acid compounds that stimulate the production of glutathione which is a master detoxifying chemical in most cells in the body. Having adequate levels of glutathione is critical to a well functioning body in

a toxic world.

Broccoli is loaded with minerals and vitamins. It has high volumes vitamin K, C, chromium and folate. Moderate volumes of B vitamins, choline and vitamin A. See the chart for details. The synergy of these minerals and vitamins being consumed together has profound impacts on cellular mechanisms that are healthful.

It is full of fiber which is great for your intestinal micro biome and bowel function. I cannot stress this point enough. Bowel function and microbial health is linearly associated with disease progression.

Load up on the fiber and broccoli!!!!!!

God love broccoli,

Dr. M

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