January 4th, 2021

The fast food experiment persists! July 2014 was the inception date of this in office food visual. No changes have occurred since the food dried out and hardened 6 plus years ago. The second experiment that took place in my humid summer garage the following year went into the trash a few years ago. Both experiments were resounding successes in understanding the chemical laden food preservation fast food model. Organic minimally processed non chemically laden foods rotted rapidly while their processed preservation based brethren did and do not.

As we start this new year, recognize the dysfunction of the fast food American system.

There can be no way to avoid the reality that these foods are laden with chemicals preserving them in perpetuity. This cannot be good for a human to consume. I cannot justify the systemic processed food system's need to preserve food beyond a fresh date other than to save money and keep it shelf stable. That which does not rot will inevitably save money.

However, this is an economic benefit not a healthy one. We see picture after picture, stat after stat that Americans are getting less healthy year over year. This, I believe, is one part of the broken health paradigm.

2021 is a great year to avoid fast food.

Dr. M