February 28th, 2022

COVID Pathophysiology 2021/2022

 SARS2, the virus that causes Covid – 19, is now known to be an infectious disease with features of a human disease that span the spectrum from asymptomatic to profoundly dysregulated immune system responses leading to both aggressive inflammation and autoimmunity in the moderately to severely affected persons.

It is now very clear that the vast majority of these significantly affected individuals have a high burden of antecedent systemic inflammation in the form of chronic diseases of aging and poor lifestyle choices that predispose the immune system to poor pathogen killing and upregulated inflammation and autoreactive features. The poor early innate immune based pathogen killing allows for increased viral loads leading to time based systemic viral immune reactions that we see as hyperinflammation and cellular damage at a macrolevel. The second category of poor Covid related outcomes comes from genetic single nucleotide mutations of immune viral pathogen recognition and killing. These two realities can co exist leading to massive disease burdens. In this piece, we will explore the current scientific evidence behind this disease and how it so tragically tore through the United States with such a high death burden......

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