Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


April 12th, 2021

1) Most Important - consume an anti-inflammatory diet devoid of processed foods. Avoid refined sugars, flours and highly processed fats. Link. Eat only twice a day if possible and safe per your provider.

Consume a variety of brightly colored vegetables and fruits with all meals to load the immune system with anti inflammatory precursors to action. Reread the autoimmune newsletters for more comprehensive diet related information

2) Sleep 8 hours nightly, preferably starting and finishing the same time daily

3) Practice daily movement as walking or exercising for 60 minutes. Leverage an iWatch or other technology to remind you to move

4) Practice daily stress reduction with meditation, prayer, relaxing breathing and positive journaling

5) Take medicines as directed to prevent breakthrough hypertension or hyperglycemia

6) Avoid chemicals and toxins that will further challenge or damage cellular function

7) Drink clean fresh water frequently

8) Visualize recovery and healing every day. Think positive and believe in your bodies natural inclination to heal and be whole

These basic principles will go a long way toward healing.


Dr. M