December 20th, 2021

The Atlantic often has very good articles to learn from, but they also tend to push an agenda that doesn't make complete sense based on the data that is emerging. In a piece by Rachel Gutman, we see the beginnings of another fear based hypothetical reality to drive more booster vaccinations in those who were previously infected and vaccinated or just vaccinated. The article goes off the rails to discuss incredible hospital overwhelm scenarios in the United States that is at the highest vaccination status of the whole pandemic. The data is not supporting any of these hospital contentions of overwhelm or severity based on all emerging reports. The only major risk for a bad outcome remains co morbid disease, age and unvaccinated naive status.

That is a very small population now as almost all of these individuals have either succumbed to the disease or been vaccinated. Witness the statistics on age, comorbid disease and vaccination status. High rates of shots and boosters in this group set. Thus, by definition, we are likely very very far away from any state of hospital overwhelm. Please read these articles carefully for the agenda that is behind them. The data and real time events do not support these contentions unless Omicron is something entirely different then what it appears to be.

Dr. M

Gutman Atlantic