SPA Covid Plans

 July 27th, 2020

 Salisbury Pediatric Associates continues to study the data and we are working very hard to provide every patient with the care that they need in the safest possible environment. We remain open and are performing many in office and telemedicine visits to care for children.

North Carolina has now mandated mask wearing when out in public. Therefore, we stress to all patients that these requests are not voluntary anymore. Please bring and wear your masks during all visits.

The new norm continues to be a hybrid of telemedicine and in office visits based on need and desire. We have segregated the clinic into well and sick areas in an effort to decrease the potential for an unknown exposure to COVID.

According to the NC DHHS, we are still encouraging all young children to come in and get their physicals and vaccines. From a public health perspective, the medical community is weighing and measuring the vaccine interruption risk with the exposure to other illnesses in the clinic setting and based on our ability to separate the clinic space so dramatically, we are very confidant that the environment is as safe as possible.


The good news continues to be that children are not experiencing significant disease in the overwhelming majority of cases from COVID. As always, if your child is experiencing symptoms that are consistent with worsening disease like difficulty breathing, high fever, lethargy or other concern, please alert us by phone of your symptoms so that we can triage you appropriately for the correct care type. This is a critical decision and we are trying very hard to perform it correctly in every case.

Appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we all tackle the daunting task of navigating a world with SARS2/COVID.


Praying for all to be safe and healthy,


Dr. M


P.S. If anyone missed last weeks prevention email, see this link.