Image by Candid_Shots from Pixabay

November 2nd, 2020

Wearing a mask? Should you? This has relatively been asked and answered in previous newsletters, however, a few recent experiences have pushed me to reiterate the why.

When a patient or parent comes in pleading personal freedom and the right to not wear a mask, we as a practice try to calmly inform the person that there are reasons behind our policy. We understand that our policy leaves some in a disagreeable state. While we applaud their first amendment rights and desires, we also reserve the right to have the policy complied with.

The main thrust of our reasoning is that our office is often filled with adults and children with less than ideal immune function. We do not discriminate based on immune robustness. Thus, we believe that everyone should wear a mask to protect others. I am personally not worried for myself, but that is not the point when I go out in public. We must think of others first and foremost or we are nothing more than selfish takers.

This is a very specific argument for healthcare as many patients NEED to be here for care without choice for an alternative. Everyone at risk has a choice to avoid a restaurant, football game, etc...

Please be mindful as we all navigate the new norm in healthcare for those who are less fortunate than those of us with robust immunity. Survival of the fittest beliefs do not absolve us of our humanity and ability to do the right thing.

Dr. M