February 1, 2016

I think that my wife is finally sick of me talking about the latest Tim Ferriss podcast! I am officially a Tim Ferriss junkie. His ability to take complex topics that span the knowledge spectrum and deconstruct them into bite sized amounts that can be utilized by anyone to life hack a better future is spot on.

Last week, I listened to a philosophical discussion with Alain de Botton that brought me back to my junior year at Vassar College when I was studying the philosophy of religion. I must admit that since then I rarely if ever read philosophy as medical literature has consumed my time.

In listening to this podcast, I was struck with the knowledge that there are philosophers out there who are trying to get philosophy back to the masses. Dr. de Botton is one of those people. I encourage you to check out this podcast for it has a lot to offer.

Last week I gave my anemic philosophical brain a reboot with:

"To live free of distraction is to have never actively lived. Distraction is a tangible reality that we must bend to our will. Technology and human contact will always remain a constant. The only variable is our response to it.

A positive life experience will occur when we accept the day as it is and make it ours no matter how it is presented to us."

I think of the Jamie Foxx interview where he called his Texas upbringing racially misunderstood at times. What a philosophically different way to present, frame and live within a negative bias experience. He did not allow the negativity to define him. He defined it in his way and grew despite it. That is the essence of the ethos of the above statement.

Thomas, Bella, Coco and I continue our nightly walks that provide me a pulpit from which to preach to them the truth of life as I see it. Hoping that I am on the right track, I ask for their feelings and thoughts on the topic at hand. I am encouraging them to disagree if they feel different. My kids are now 10 and 12 years old. They are starting to find their voices.

The greatest gift that they can provide my wife and I is to have their voice and their view. How many great heroes and inventors came out of following the current theory?

The point of all of this rambling is this: take some time and reacquaint yourself with philosophy. Sit with your kids and challenge them to think, period! Just think and be.

Dr. M