November 20, 2017


When I talk to kids at work, I often reference Stoicism and work ethic as the single most important guide to success. With the recent passing of Roy Halladay, a blog that I receive called the Daily Stoic had a piece on Roy Halladay. And it was excellent. Here are some of the highlights to share with your child.

"He was the single most accountable, conscientious, hardworking, dedicated player I've ever been around," Amaro said. "He was the most competitive on the mound and yet the kindest and gentlest person off the mound that you could imagine. That kind of person is so rare."

"It's definitely by choice. For me the satisfaction is always the competition, and the self-gratification knowing you did something to the best of your ability and I think that's all it will ever be for me. It's not ever going to be who knows me and what do they think about me. It's ultimately going to come down to how I went about doing my job." Roy Halladay

"I think that's where he finds a lot of his happiness," his father once told me. "To stand up and do what he's been asked to do. He's expected to perform well and he expects to be there and earn his money and give them what they pay for. I've always been proud of him. He's a delightful young man to hang around with."
"My wife and I talk about it a lot, especially with our sons," Roy said. "I really believe if you lead a good life and always try to do the right things I think you're always impacting someone. That's what we've tried to instill in our kids. For us it's more important to try to be a good person, all around, especially with other people."
"Our kids go to Christian schools and things, we still have those beliefs but for us it's really been about we're going to try to live as quality a life as we can. And hope our kids can do the same and try to be good influences."

I could not imagine a better way to say it! Lead a good life, impact others, earn your keep, teach your children right from wrong! Here is to Roy Halladay. He lived a life that any parent would be proud of.

Read the SI obituary with your children today, it is beautiful.


Dr. M

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