I want to introduce everyone to Dr. Danielle Rose. She is an incredible integrative physician who specializes in homeopathy and functional medicine. She is going to start contributing her vast knowledge to our newsletter endeavor. I am grateful and looking forward to passing on her gifts to you all.
Dr. M



I have been inspired by some books and articles I have read that are helpful in dealing with troublesome behaviors. In addition to reviewing the literature, I have incorporated some basic aspects of behavior in a step by step fashion. Good behavior involves resilience (the ability to accept change without getting too bent out of shape about it), positive energy, positive mood, and enough good stress for motivation.

My aim is to help you also see where you may be able to help yourself and your family but also where you may need to seek additional assistance either from one or our providers, our behavioral health team or a specialist before issues get out of hand.

I actively seek your suggestions, complaints, advice, wish list, and other contributions as these always add new tools to my toolbox for helping others. Next week will be my first article!

Danielle Rose, MD