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January 23rd, 2023

It is amazing how beautiful the world can be when we work for the greater good. One of our care coordinators began a process to help a family in acute need and voila, the people respond. I wanted to share a story of love to lighten the hearts of all. Give where you can today to give someone a brighter day!

"Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know about the amazing community that Rowan County is. One of our families (a mom and 3 kids we see here) was displaced by a fire late last week. They lost everything.

Mom and one of the children were here yesterday and I was alerted to this crisis. I was able to reach out to DSS who sent out a massive email to area churches - and in 24 hours, this is what has happened:

Mom/Children have been put in a hotel for 30 days by one donation

Mom/Children have been given a 3 month membership to the YMCA

Mom has been given a place to stay in a home with a family through this weekend when a hotel can be secured.

Mom's pre-paid cell phone has been paid for 30 days so that we can stay in contact with her regarding donations.

Household items and other family goods that are needed are being dropped off starting Monday.

Once Mom secures an apartment (she is waiting to hear back from some), some furniture is going to be delivered to her new home.

ALL OF THIS IN 24 HOURS!!! I feel so GRATEFUL to be part of this extremely generous Rowan County community!"


A beautiful day in North Carolina

Dr. M