August 24th, 2021

1) Most importantly - do not cook or reheat in plastic. This includes using plastic wrap during microwaving, boiling in plastic bags or styrofoam. If you use a microwave, place a glass of water in the microwave to keep your food hydrated. The plastic residue can have endocrine disruptors in it.

2) Do not use metal utensils in questionably safe non stick cookware, i.e. teflon. Or, better yet, do not use non stick coated cookware. Ceramic appears to be a better cookware choice.

3) If you use them, do not ever heat on high with non stick pans. The coating will off gas and is toxic.

4) Do not use lots of omega 6 oils - like soy, vegetable, corn. These are unhealthy pro-inflammatory oils.

5) Separate your cutting boards. Use one for meats and fish while the other is for all else. Preventing food poisoning is useful.

6) Avoid burning your proteins, especially meats. This releases toxic by products.

7) Deep frying. Never healthy. Lots of oxidized dangerous fats that promote inflammation.

8) Do not salt your food before tasting it.

9) Do not boil your non starchy vegetables. You lose much of the nutrients to the water. Steam or bake instead.

10) Do not touch your eyes or face after cutting peppers or onions.

11) If you have toddlers in the house, never cook on the stove's front burners. This will help to avoid a tragic burn when a child grabs a pot handle.