October 16, 2017

Choking is a common and scary event that plays out in the homes of some parents of infants and toddlers. Counseling young parents on effective parenting around eating and play time can really help reduce the risk of such events.

1) Never let your child eat and run or even walk at a young age. Tripping and falling can induce a choking event.

2) Scan the floor at any new home your toddler is in for choking hazards like LEGO pieces, toys, batteries, coins and other small objects. Families that have 5 -12 year old children often have little choking hazards on the floor.

3) Cut up food into small bite sized pieces that prevent them from lodging in the airway if aspirated. Encourage them to chew thoroughly. Avoid foods like nuts, popcorn, solid meat pieces the size of an airway, and hard fruit.

4) If you think that your child swallowed a battery or a magnet, call a doctor to evaluate immediately. These devices are associated with chemical and EM burns that can have devastating consequences if not handled appropriately.

Here is a choking video worth watching. There are many other good quality educational videos online for you to view. Try CPR guidelines at babycenter.com. Good web resource Healthy Children.

Dr. Magryta