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July 18th, 2022

There are a lot of reasons that people suffer from chronic sinus and nasal inflammation leading to recurrent bacterial and viral infections. I liken this inflammation to having a hot tub with no chemicals in it. It becomes a petri dish for pathogens to grow. The key issue here is not the infections but the medium that exists to allow them to grow well.

The two main reasons that these issues develop in children are: 1) chronic exposure to outdoor and indoor allergens for which the person is sensitized, 2) recurrent exposure to foods that trigger inflammation, i.e. casein dairy proteins. There are other reasons like genetic innate immune dysfunctions that lead to pathogens having an enhanced ability to propagate. An example here would be the issues related to NLRP3

inflammasomes. These innate immune proteins are poised to respond to a pathogen upon first exposure regardless of prior exposure. If they are not functioning properly, then we will see an overall increase in issues of inflammation and rhinitis. (Yang et. al. 2022)

The answer here is to control what you can control! If you have allergies and have data as to what you are allergic to, start sub lingual or subcutaneous immune therapy while taking your preventative medicines to reduce the issues over time. This methodology is very potent at reversing the issues. If you have food intolerances, try an elimination diet to remove the inciting inflammatory trigger and reduce the mucous and rhinitis development.


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Yang Amer J of Rhinology and Allergy