Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

May 10th, 2021

Now that the pandemic is slowing down and people are getting back to regular life activities, let us keep our eye on the benefits of a year in an imperfect world.

As we get back to traffic and busy life, remember to be patient while driving and waiting in traffic. Maybe listen to a podcast to help the time pass without stress.

If you have been exercising daily, don't let it slip away as the schedule tightens and life's business tries to creep back into your life.

Many people learned the importance of cooking and eating at home when restaurants were shuttered. Keep up the home cooked healthy meal reality as it is so much cheaper and healthier than most restaurants.

Keep spending quality time with your children as these moments lay the foundation for a healthy grounded life.

Keep washing your hands with regular soap and water for 20 seconds to keep pathogens out of your mouth, nose and eyes.

Avoid chemicals in all of their forms from entering your month, airway or skin lest you make your immune system struggle.

Dr. M