June 13th, 2022

Why do we give them power to criticize? Why do we let them tell us right from wrong or what to like? Why do we let them break someone else down especially when most critics have zero ability to do what they are criticizing?

I have been pondering these questions lately as it relates to children and growing up. I think of the great book, The Fountainhead, as a representation of criticism gone a foul.

I think of the simple examples like a movie, art or food. Like Roger Ebbert recently saying:

"At times Kosinski seems to be reaching for an updated version of the sun-kissed, high-style ’80s aesthetic that “Top Gun” so effortlessly and elegantly typified. What he comes up with is something bland and basic...
Though you may hear otherwise, “Top Gun: Maverick” is not a great movie. It is a thin, over-strenuous and sometimes very enjoyable movie."

For me, this movie was great. But, then, who cares what I think. It only matters what you think. What your child thinks. If enough people like it, then it has a reality of being good for those people. Opinions are just that, opinions.

I find that I want my children to only accept their own final opinion on a topic or choice. They can gather data and opinion any where and way they want. They should listen. But, in the end, the final feeling and decision should be theirs.

I would add that they should hold their feelings about things, ideals and anything loosely. Time changes how we see, feel and own things. And that is ok.

Critics add little to life and often take away much.

Dr. M