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December 12th, 2022

What are they?

According to Dr. Jeremy Goldberg, they are acts of verbal and written kindness sent out to the masses for the stated purpose of promoting and growing kindness and happiness. Don't you just love that!

I do.

For that reason, I am interviewing him this week for the podcast to really dive deep into the reasoning of word choice, the effects of that choice in relationship and how anger bludgeons this process.

His words: "You are the Indiana Jones of your soul. In the whole below the surface that holds the happiness you seek, practice emotional archeology. Dig deep down into the heart of the hurt, but be gentle, tender. Handle yourself with care and, most importantly, don't ever forget, there's treasure in there."

Wow, what a way of saying to us all to search within for our traumas and to right those ships to avoid letting our triggered past reflect in our future and present actions in relationship.

He also wrote: "The four most important words you’ll ever see are these: Just trust in shit.
Just trust in shit, and believe. Life will happen in such random, fantastic, and fabulous ways that you’ll look back and laugh at the dots you connect and you’ll learn your missteps are still an important part of the dance. So, dance. Shimmy and shake and groove and glide around the nightclub of your life and even when the tunes sound harsh and horrific, even when your moves feel dull and neglected, even when your feet hurt and your soul is sore, even when you can’t keep up anymore and your mind mistakes the music for madness, well, you’ve just got to feel it. Just trust in shit."

Derek Sivers and Jeremy Goldberg share a common desire to use words in limited volume to inspire change, action and happiness. To display and guide thought through text is beautiful.

Write today. Anything. Positive. Then give it away to inspire another to have a better day.

Dr. M