Image by Anand KZ from Pixabay


November 28th, 2022

I have been thinking and talking about the dysfunctions of our current medical system for years. We are not very good at preventing disease while we are best in class at surgical repair and acute care like infections and trauma. This reality really bothered me in the early 2000's as I noted the constant increase in diseases that were chronic like autoimmunity, ASD, obesity, diabetes and more.

This unease was the impetus behind my decision to head to the University of Arizona to study Integrative Medicine with Dr. Weil and colleagues.

In a recent Ask Me Anything episode with Dr. Peter Attia, he made the case that medicine 2.0 has peaked and is heading down now as this version of medicine is neither personalized nor good at mitigating chronic disease issues that are the current scourge of society. I could not agree more.

In the new world according to Dr. Attia, we should start to personalize medicine with risk per person at the center of the calculus of whether or not to make any decision for health. We need to have more evidence based data from which to make decisions. Finally, we need to make decisions early in the life health arc of time to have a greater chance of affecting outcome for the positive.

This truth has been my mission in the newsletter and podcast over the past 12 years. Prevention is the only authentic way to truly change the longevity conundrum of this country. We are living too long with too many diseases and burdens. We need health and vitality as well length of life.

We know the fundamentals. Will we choose them, that is the question.

I look forward to a concerted push to Dr. Attia's Medicine 3.0. That would be refreshing.

Dr. M