November 16, 2015

Most of us are uneducated on the risks of the new E cigarette partly because of the lack of credible data. E cigs have become very popular with the youth of today.

Like regular cigarettes but in lower volumes, E cigarettes contain heavy metals and toxic particles that are emitted in the vapor. Nicotine levels can be very high in the vapor and are exceptionally high in the refillable concentrated vial.

The FDA has analyzed the vapor and found concerning levels of aldehyde chemicals that are used for embalming corpses.

The biggest concern right now is the toxicity of the refillable liquid nicotine that could be ingested by a small child thinking that it is a drink. They often have a sweet smell and taste. Unfortunately, they are not stored in child proof containers.

Bottom line: If you do use these devices, store them appropriately and keep them away from children. The nicotine is addicting and could be a gateway to real cigarettes or other tobacco products. Talk to your teens and preteens about the risk of use.