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May 18th, 2020 

Continuing on the work theme, I just finished a fantastic article on the immunology and prevention strategies related to SARS2/COVID written by Dr. Sam Yanuck, DC and colleagues. Sam is a persistent, consistent, plodding, incremental, laborious, dispassionate, self-chosen, time independent worker that has provided for the best outcome and the most happiness for me as I learn the immuno-biology of the SARS2 world.

 During my years of training, my best mentors were all physicians and some spoke negatively of chiropractors and other professionals that were not medical doctors. I had no reference point to judge these statements. Years have passed and the reality is that like all humans of all races, colors, creeds and thoughts, the only barometer for me is quality. You are either a hard worker at your craft and your life or you are not. Nothing else matters.

 Sam Yanuck is a classic example, cut from the cloth of Frank Saulsbury, top quality and very inspiring. It matters not your title but all your desire, work and ethics.

Dr. M