Image by mattthewafflecat from Pixabay

July 5th, 2021

Remember that the immune system is poised to respond to a recurrence of a pathogen because of memory T and B cells that have been programmed in response to a natural infection or a vaccine. The reason that we develop memory immune cells specifically targeted to each pathogen that we encounter is because of the reality that if we kept the pathogen specific proteins called antibodies to all of the pathogens around in high volume, our blood would turn to sludge and we would die. Therefore, yet again, we see the elegance of a system set up to expand and contract as needed for a given risk.

SARS2 is no different. We are seeing great immunity post illness and vaccination. There is evidence now that lasting B and T cells with specific memory have taken up residence in our lymph system and our bone marrow.

The most amazing reality is that we make 100 or more billion white blood cells daily or 69.44 million white blood cells per minute that are used all day to fight disease and injury. They are recycled in the body as frequently as they are made.

All we really need to do is maintain proper health through exercise, stress reduction, quality nutrition and sleep and our immune cells are active and happy.

Dr. M