Magnesium and Diabetes 2 studies

February 6th, 2023

"During the 20-year follow-up, 330 incident cases of diabetes were identified. Magnesium intake was inversely associated with incidence of diabetes after adjustment for potential confounders. The multivariable-adjusted hazard ratio of diabetes for participants in the highest quintile of magnesium intake was 0.53 compared with those in the lowest quintile. Consistently, magnesium intake was significantly inversely associated with hs-CRP, IL-6, fibrinogen, and HOMA-IR, and serum magnesium levels were inversely correlated with hs-CRP and HOMA-IR."(Kim et. al. 2010)

"Consistently, plasma magnesium was inversely correlated with plasma hs-CRP in our subsample analysis; Plasma magnesium was independently and inversely associated with prediabetes and T2D in Chinese adults." (Chen et. al. 2017)

As I was perusing the literature, I stumbled on these articles. This is a big deal. Magnesium just keeps on showing up as a major player in metabolic health. The studies are likely important on two fronts: 1) magnesium in sufficient volumes in the serum is a surrogate for a healthier diet overall, 2) mechanistically, we know how many reactions magnesium governs in the metabolic processes of our body. Having sufficient serum levels means that these reactions are moving forward as would be expected.

The point here remains that getting adequate magnesium through food and maybe even supplements is a healthy approach to avoiding insulin dysfunction, resistance and then diabetes.

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