June 7th, 2021

After listening to a discussion by Dr. Ed Behrens from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia regarding multi inflammatory syndrome in children, it appears to be the case that certain individuals have genetic mutations putting them at risk for immune dysregulation whereby the chemokine CXCL9 response to gamma interferon after being infected with SARS2 is up regulated due to missing repressive proteins in this inflammatory cascade.

This leads to elevated immune activation very reminiscent of macrophage activation syndrome. In other words, many children will respond to SARS2 with normal and appropriate gamma interferon proteins to attack and kill the virus. CXCL9 is one signaling molecule in this process that recruits the white blood cells to enter the fray and fight SARS2. When the virus is killed, there are repressive proteins that are called in to stop this whole inflammatory process. This is the normal state for 99.99% of our children. The rare child with this genetic mutation can not shut off this process leading to all of the inflammatory sequelae seen in COVID19.

The future of medicine is to identify these mutations in children and have them vaccinated first. The same should occur in adults.

Dr. M

Section III 

For the Unifying Theory of SARS2/COVID19 pathology that was published in September, please follow this link. In this piece, I lay out what appears to be the pathway to infection and subsequent significant illness. It will be updated in the coming months.


Dr. M