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Here at Salisbury Pediatrics, we provide a full range of services for our patients because we participate as in the Blue Quality Physician Program. We believe that when it comes to medicine, one size does not fit all. We have physicians that are passionate about traditional medicine, functional medicine, and integrative medicine. Our providers believe in offering many services that are not customary in a general pediatrician's office. Some of our services include:

Asthma Clinic

We have several providers who are passionate and well-educated on all types of Asthma and Asthma-related conditions. We establish the best course of treatment for each patient and make a customized Asthma Action Plans based on each patient's individual needs. We perform Pulmonary Function Tests in-house and do any testing that is needed. The Asthma specialists follow these patients year-round, and encourage the patients in healthy behaviors that can reduce symptoms.

Behavioral Health

We are very excited about our new Behavioral Health Center. We have providers who specialize in ADHD, Depression, and many other mental health conditions. We also have providers that concentrate on more integrative approaches to improve ADHD and other behavioral issues, without traditional medications that are normally prescribed. We treat each patient as an individual and discuss all available treatment options in order to provide the best possible care children and teenagers.

Nutrition Clinic

For patients who struggle with maintaining a healthy weight or have concerns about meeting their nutritional needs, we have a nutritionist on staff who counsels our patients with cutting edge nutritional therapy and motivational interviewing. Our goal is to help our patients break unhealthy habits and establish new lifestyle goals that promote health and longevity.   They are followed monthly, including any necessary testing, and we have had great success with promoting wellness with our clinic.

Care Coordinators

For patients that have chronic conditions or other obstacles that make managing their healthcare needs more difficult, we have Care Coordinators available.  They work to ensure patients are seen on a regular basis and they understand their conditions.  Our team of RN's and MA's call to remind patients of follow-up appointments, explain medications, help arrange transportation, and more.

Lactation Consultants

We have specially-trained Lactation Consultants who are here to help nursing mothers.  Nursing can often be difficult and frustrating to new mothers.  Our Lactation Consultants provide invaluable help and support to our new mothers who often think they will not be able to successfully breastfeed.  Please do not hesitate to ask to see a Lactation Consultant if you have any questions or issues with breastfeeding.  They are able to come by and speak with you at your child's appointments.