December 27th, 2021

"Exercise causes muscles to secrete proteins called myokines into our blood – and researchers from ECU’s Exercise Medicine Research Institute have learned these myokines can suppress tumour growth and even help actively fight cancerous cells.

A clinical trial saw obese prostate cancer patients undergo regular exercise training for 12 weeks, giving blood samples before and after the exercise program. Researchers then took the samples and applied them directly onto living prostate cancer cells." (Cifarelli et. al. 2021)

Couple this data to the knowledge that exercise increases GLUT4 transporters which increase glucose metabolism which reduces obesity and insulin resistance both of which are heavily associated with cancer risk.

Exercise also increases metabolic health through mitochondrial biogenesis which helps us maintain systemic cellular health. Exercise helps us sleep more soundly and deeply providing for better hormonal control and reduced mental stress which are each independent risk factors for cancer.

Need I say more!

Get out and move.

Dr. M

Cifarelli J Cellular Molec Gastro Hepatology